Tanning Safely
Safe tanning includes everything from determing proper exposure time, wearing proper eyewear to using the proper lotion. At Sandals, we want every client to get the best tan possible without burning. We will take the time to personally consult with you. Each of our professionals are trained to evaluate your needs, skin type and lotion preferences in order provide you with a custom plan that will give you the best results possible. Each client is unique and at Sandals you will receive the attention and guidance you deserve. As your tanning progresses we are always there to answer any questions you may have.

Why Use Lotion?
Tanning without a lotion can dry out the skin. Lotion helps to hydrate the skin. Hydrated skin tans easier and more evenly and holds the color longer. California Tan and Designer Skin products are tanning specific lotions that help to make skin translucent to absorb the UV rays, to enhance color and prolong the life of your tan. All the lotions we offer are hypoallergenic and have anti-aging and firming ingredients to help strengthen, protect, and rejuvenate skin. Many of the ingredients in California Tan and Designer Skin lotions are used by top skin care manufacturers around the world. Remember, your results will be enhanced by using one of our California Tan and Designer Skin lotions.

Benefits of Using our California Tan and Matahari Lotions:
California Tan and Designer Skin lotions are formulated with the finest ingredients available. They are considered top of the line products. California Tan and Designer Skin have been making lotions for over 20 years with great customer satisfaction. Their scientists are constantly researching and formulating for the best results possible. When you use a California Tan and Designer Skin lotion you can be assured that there is consistent quality control unmatched in the industry. We have selected to stock only California Tan and Designer Skin products because we believe they offer the kind of products and selection that meet our high standards. Visit our salon and you will see how serious we are about being the best!

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